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I work as a Senior Microsoft 365 Engineer for a global enterprise. In February 2023 I was awarded Microsoft MVP in M365 Apps & Services. My main focus areas are Microsoft Teams Telephony and PowerShell. I also have experience with Azure (Virtual Machines, Load Balancers, Traffic Manager, Azure Functions, Automation Accounts etc.) and also like to tinker with Power Automate Flows.

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Community Controbutions

M365 Call Flow Visualizer

I am the creator and inventor of the M365 Call Flow Visualizer. The Microsoft 365 Call Flow Visualizer is a PowerShell tool which I developed for the Teams community. This tool can automatically render flowchart diagrams of your Teams call flows. This is great for documenting and troubleshooting calls flows.

GitHub Repo

M365 Call Flow Visualizer Example

Awesome DocFx Template

Awesome DocFx Template is a GitHub repo and a docs website which help you get started with DocFx quickly. Instead of creating your structure manually you can generate all required folders and files with a PowerShell script.


Jump start your DocFx website: The docs site includes all the information and setup instructions you need to get started with DocFx quickly. There’s no need to research everything yourself.

Host on SharePoint Online: The repo includes a script which tweaks the generated site so that it can be hosted on SharePoint Online. The script will automatically upload any updated files on SharePoint.

M365 Call Flow Visualizer Support: The repo also includes a script to extract and include all configured Teams call flows on your markdown based docs website. Even audio files or TTS greetings are supported. Diagrams can be downloaded as PNGs.

GitHub Repo


Awesome DocFx Template

Recorded Sessions

Occasionally, I also speak at conferences or other events.

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Call Demo (June 2023)

Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community Call Demo (May 2023)

Commsverse 2022

Teams Community Day 2022

Commsverse 2020

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